Break Out Rooms

Career Panelists



Emily Yung | Doctor
Emily is currently a psychiatry resident at the University of Toronto. She completed her medical degree at McGill in 2020. She was inspired to pursue work in mental health when she saw the sense of hope that can be given to patients in therapy and receiving mental health support. She enjoys baking, singing, playing guitar, and going for walks/hikes.

Jason Yung | Pharmacist
Jason is a clinical pharmacist, working on the Internal Medicine and Cardiology units at Toronto Western Hospital. He completed his Pharmacy degree at the University of Toronto in 2017 and subsequently completed his Pharmacy Residency at The Ottawa Hospital in 2018. He enjoys trying out new recipes (especially Korean cuisine), watching binge-worthy Netflix series, and spending quality time with friends.

Rachel Lin | Dentist
Rachel was originally from Toronto and moved to Montreal 9 years ago to study at McGill. She continued her studies in Dentistry and am now coming out of her first year of officially working as a dentist. She attended Grace Montreal Church as a student and then moved to Montreal City West Baptist Church 3 years ago after getting married to Andrew Chao. In her spare time, she likes to play music/sing, grow things in her garden, and be surrounded by nature.

Kate Tan | Clinical Research
Kate is working as a clinical research assistant in Calgary after finishing her undergrad in Montreal in 2019. From a vibrant Christian community to the lacklustre Bible Belt, it’s definitely been a grace-filled adventure walking with Jesus while also figuring out life after a science degree.


Minnie Nguyen | Computer Science
Minnie came to Christ shortly before entering university. She studied Math & Computer Science at McGill University and graduated last summer. Since then, she has been working as a data scientist and learning what it means to be a Christian in the workplace.

Stephen Woo | Photographer / Multimedia Producer
Stephen was born and raised in Hong Kong in the 1970s. He studied abroad in England in 1985, and continued to study in Toronto, Canada from 1986 onward. He graduated in Photography and Digital Image at Humber College in Toronto, and has been working in the field of photography, television, movies and multimedia productions for more than 20 years. He was chosen by the Government of Canada to present his photography exhibition at the City Hall in Vaughan, as part of the 150th Anniversary of Canada’s celebration event. In 2019, he also received the “World Vision Canada Diversity in Philanthropy Award” at the 16th Outstanding Asian-Canadian Community Awards Ceremony.

Shuang Shuang | Lawyer
Shuang graduated from Université de Montréal with a degree in Civil Law. After being called to the Bar, she worked as a law clerk for two and a half years in Court of Quebec. She is currently working as an associate within the Litigation and Dispute Resolution group of a national law firm.


Vivian Lo | Accountant
Vivian has accepted Christ as her Lord and savior since high school. She graduated from Concordia University, majoring in accountancy, and received her CPA, CA certification two years later. Her current occupation is an Accounting Manager at a local law firm and also offers accounting services in my own practice. She has 7 years of experience as an auditor and has branched out into the private sectors since then.

Joanna Yee | Accountant
Joanna is an accountant working in public accounting for a national firm. She pursued her undergraduate studies at Concordia University majoring in Exercise Science and thereafter, obtained a second bachelor’s degree majoring in accounting. She obtained her CPA auditor designation in Montréal, Québec in 2019. Born and raised in Montréal, Joanna is now a resident of Toronto. She enjoys baking, wine, rock-climbing, travelling and bubble tea (maybe a little too much).


Nathan Cheng | Social Work
Nathan recently graduated from Ryerson University’s School of Social Work in Toronto, Ontario. He has had 6+ years of experience in working with children and youth both in faith-based and secular settings. Nathan first received his calling to Urban Missions at Urbana 2018 where God reconciled his struggles in discerning his vocation as a social worker. Since then, he has responded to where God has called him, and has been serving as CCM Toronto Centre’s Children and Youth Ministry Coordinator since May 2020. As well, he grew up and is a member at Toronto Jaffray Chinese Alliance Church, and is a deacon for their Young Life Ministry. On days of rest, Nathan spends his time catching up on shows and playing his Nintendo Switch.


Jocelyn Yu | High School Teacher
Jocelyn is a secondary school French Immersion teacher, who currently teaches Geography. She completed Teachers’ College at Queen’s University in 2013. Jocelyn started her teaching career in China at the Sino-Canadian Program at Shenyang No. 2 High School before returning to Canada to teach in York Region. She enjoys reading about current events and travelling.

Kristin Hum | Teacher
Kristin recently graduated from the elementary education program at McGill University. She is excited to share her experience with those who are curious about what it means to be a christian and a teacher.


Rici Be | Pastor
Rici studied modern languages, translation and computer sciences in university. After graduation, he worked as a software developer before answering God’s call to full time ministry. After graduating from seminary (Bible school), he worked as an associate pastor leading an English-speaking congregation in a Chinese Baptist church in Montreal. Currently, he serves with CCM as their youth mental health coordinator in Montreal, the Union of French-speaking Baptists churches of Canada as their youth and family director and the Canadian Armed Forces as a Chaplain in the reserve.

Jasmine Kwong | Creation Care
Jasmine works at OMF International as a creation care advocate. With a background in conservation biology and community development, she explores the intersections between humanity & the natural world as well as the relationships between the Creator & the created. She is currently based in the Philippines.


Andrew Chao | Self-Employed (Marketing)
Andrew is currently attending Montreal City West Baptist Church (MCWBC). He has been working in the marketing field for over 10 years. He graduated from Concordia University in 2011 with a Bachelor Degree in Commerce with a Major in Marketing and joined the Institute of Co-operative Education. He worked his way up the corporate ladder and became the Head of Marketing for a small business in the financial sector. Throughout his career, he explored his passion in entrepreneurship by creating several side businesses. 3 years ago, he quit his high position job in order to pursue entrepreneurship full-time.


Albert Fung | SFU Volunteer Services Coordinator / Career Advisor
Albert is eternally client focused; his clients are his main priority. Moreover, Albert has an uncanny ability to build relationships with his clients which last long after their files are closed. Albert also employs the motivational interviewing framework, enabling his clients to realize for themselves the changes they must make in both their lives and their job searches